I’m just a guy from Poland who love rollerblading of all kinds.


  1. Alejandro

    I would like to send you a picture. How can i do that? It is a cheap option for the soulplates of rollerblade

  2. armorek

    Your blog is great : ) I’m a bit of amateur in skating – I use some broskov and twister models now but I’m very interested in blades like xsjado but with 80mm+ wheels, just to skate quickly around a city without a need to carry shoes : ) I was reading about doops, and about xsjado… what do you think about them? The most convincing model for me is doop urban – 84mm wheels : ) but I’m afraid of pure hook-and-loop straps without plastic buckles… Do you think that those hook-and-loops are enough? And the last question is about your general opinion about xsjado vs doops ? If you have any opinion at all of course : ) I would appreciate your answer very much :)
    Yours sincerely, armorek :)

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