You shouldn’t jump on Supercruiser/Megacruiser frames


So, here’s the story. I gave Supercruiser frameset to my skating pal. He managed to bend them. I was cautious and haven’t jumped on those while using them, he wasn’t. And he is not a large guy, shorter than me (but more muscular), so he weights 80kg max, certainly no more. It seems 8 stair set is too much for these frames to handle.

Well – not surprising. Fitness frames have durability of …fitness frames, lol. I kind of expected that to happen, sooner or later.


    • kmhciura

      Kind of. They obviously cut costs where they can and sell more and more Playlife range stuff, that is basically very low standard. Their high-end products are still awesome, though. Especially Alu 7000 frames.

  1. playdiscgolf

    It would be interesting if you could compare those Supercruiser Frames with the Megacruiser Pro or the Pleasure Tool frames and post the results.

    Thanks for this blog, it is a great one!

    • kmhciura

      I probably won’t be able to get my hands on a pro version soon, but I have Pleasure Tool (scroll down to see text about them) and they are on a whole different level. Quality is top notch, it’s a proper freeskating frame.

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