No doops

If you followed my blog for some time, you could clearly see I am very optimistic about idea of doop skates. I had urge to buy fresh pair of doop Swift, but while my paycheck would allow me to, I want to save some cash, so I did go budget route.

I’m in the middle of a process of converting old Fusion 84 skates to aggressive blades, and their original aluminium frames were just perfect to marry them with pair of Xsjado skeletons. You can buy original Xsjado skeletons, new or used, for very low price these days.

So basically I made functional UFS equivalent of doop Classic model (Fusion frame allows for 84mm max too), with many differences of course, most notable ones are wide soulplates, one piece cuffs, lower heel position and shock-absorber.


I bought L size skeleton, knowing that these are infamous for their size, but actually I think they fit me way better than M size. doop skates have the same baseplate sizing as original Xsjados, so I would probably need to get large size anyway…

No toe overhang, no pressure points. After adjusting skates to my likings I got tight fit and good feeling of balance, thanks to option of adjusting foot position above frame. Forward flex is comparable to one in my RG2s and makes me wonder if hinged cuff is really that necessary feature in 2.0s.

Skates are really lightweight and comfortable (I’m talking about the upper foam liner, because obviously, for the other part they are as comfortable as pair of shoes you are using in them). Cruising around in them is fun.

Only thing left to do is giving these set of good 84mm wheels.

If you were wondering if Xsjados make sense outside of aggressive – yes, they do. I definitely recommend buying a pair of skeletons if you have spare set of UFS freeskate/powerblade frames. At low cost you’ll get awesome commuting skates.



  1. skv012a

    Steezy. I have those <=90mm Fusion X7 frames and wheels as my backups. Gotta love getting a complete, new pair of skates for $30+s/h, but I completely understand why Kizer and other brands charge SOOO much for same old product right now.

    • kmhciura

      I switched frames on Xsjados to Kizer Advance at the moment as I’m planning to buy Level 2 for my RG2s. To be honest I was never a fan of wheels larger than 80mm, I always wanted a frame that have low profile and holds up 80mm max, while still being 255mm in length. Fusion frame is brilliant, but unnecessary high in my opinion. Salomon plastic frames, and some aluminium ones mounted on cheaper versions (these with double sided axles) would do the job, but are hard to come by and have one issue – 76mm at the front, 80mm at the back. I’m going to see how I’ll like Level 2 as they are a bit longer, much lower, and suit 76mm max. Groove is only a ice addition imo :) If I won’t like them… I can always go back to Fusion frames!

      As for Xsjados, Kizer Advance frames feel (and look!) like they were made for them. Fast, fun setup that incorporates best elements of aggressive skates, freeskates, and commuting doop-style skates in to one, so I can hit the skatepark, do some grinds on street, have fun bombing hills, going fast between cars, and use them as transport to get to work – Swiss Army knife of rollerblades!!!

      • skv012a

        Well, Kizers are definitely the most maneuverable and readily available right now, but I always wanted to see what a stable-at-speed frames would feel like on agg skates. Feels just like what it should, but now I’m not sure which I prefer. Guess gotta go hit some more hills on X7s with 90mm, 80mm, and one more time on Kizers to properly judge all of them.

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