A review of Seba FRX 80

Below you can read review of Seba FRX 80 freeskates, written by Mateusz Stępnikowski. He is quite talented freeskater from my city (Cracow). I thought it is worth sharing this review with broader audience (Mateusz posted it on one of freeskating forums in Polish) and asked him if it will be ok if I translate it and use my blog as a medium to share it. He agreed.

The time has come… to write something about my skates, precisely Seba FRX-80. I bought them late April 2012. Current state of these skates was really not intended but I must admit I didn’t go easy on them. Before Sebas I used Rollerblade Fusion X3 LE and while they were a bit too large in size, and I had few problems with them, they turned out to be much more durable.

Let’s begin.


At first everything was fine. Completely different story. Shorter frame (243mm) than in X3’s (262mm) caused lost of balance a few times, and lifted heel were adding to the effect. I adjusted quickly though. Skating was fun… for a while. It all started with single pressure point. I thought it was a screw from 45 degree buckle (translator note: Mathew replaced Velcro straps with buckles right after buying skates), but soon the pain was gone.

Next issue was FIRST broken rivet and I had to play “do it yourself” to fix this. Then I realized something is wrong with the frame as it made a rattling noise. It all became clear when I pull skates apart – frame was cracked. You can imagine what was my reaction… But I moved it a little to the front and somewhat it worked. After a while another rivet broke. Next thing – shell started to crack, and that’s how we get to the cuff, element that is nearly destroyed, and skates are barely useable as they are now… A while ago third rivet broke…


Good blueprint, but… only if it haven’t cracked. It’s true that it’s slim, looks good and is pretty durable to impact, abrasion etc. I really don’t know what happened and why it started to crack and that’s frustrating. And trust me, it was not my intention to break these…


At first it worked well but after some time it started to fall apart. As you can see, I was lucky that buckle is still held in place because crack avoided it… Thank God. Maybe it was their intention, so it will break that way? Who knows.


I bit my tongue and write with internal censorship right now because my words wouldn’t be anything nice in this case if I wouldn’t held back. At first it was great… shorter, more maneuverable, prettier than plastic X3 frame – but it would be cool if these things came along with durability and quality. Maybe I was extremely unlucky, but it’s hard for me to say anything good about this skate. See for yourself in the pictures.


As I wrote before, liner wasn’t good at first because it had pressure points and sometimes it gave me chafe, but after some period of time it adjusted to my feet and pain was gone.


Top buckle and lower one performed their role well. Sometimes lower buckle unscrewed, it was a bit irritating.


I always „destroyed” wheels quickly, so I can’t really say much about their quality… they weren’t bad when it comes to grip (85A) but I wasn’t amazed by them. Bearings held up well. Good materials and manufacturing. Spacers are pretty standard ones, made of some cheap alloy. Axles were good too, and their threads were durable, but in the end they got damaged too.


What you’ve just read is MY opinion about these skates, and I have no intention of spreading bad reputation for Seba. I have nothing against SEBA brand and I would like to send them best wishes using this occasion. Ah, and I hope they will answer to my e-mail.

P.S. I hope style of this review wasn’t too immature ;)

See more pictures here:



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