New blades, and new love for old blades


I got these fresh skates from Jakub Ciesielski of zicoracing some time ago. I’ve described Blank frames and liner in earlier posts, but for some reason I haven’t posted full setup so here you go…

Rollerblade Solo Estilo Rob Guerrero 2 – basically best Solo boot yet.

Kizer Advance – simple, yet functional frame. Only downside I’ve noticed is that it’s kind of noisy, compared to aluminum frames.

Undercover Powerblading 80mm 88A – “budget version” as I call them (don’t know if there is any official name) – after little skating I’ve done on them, I must say, they are a lot faster than concretes, but also noticeably harder – but amount of padding in RG2 boots helps there and wheels do not kill my spine…

Bones Reds bearings – great price/quality ratio and bearings of choice for many freeskaters around the world. I know they are also very popular among skateboarders, thanks to their durability and the fact you get 16 in a set (skateboarders need only 8 bearings for their boards, obviously) so people tend to split cost of purchase in half by buying in pairs.

Generally – these skates have all features I love about Solo boot, and more. Better forward flex, better support than my old skates, better liners, better padding… only thing I feel a bit uncomfortable about is 243mm wheelbase. I love my 255mm RB frames – probably I either get used to shorter frame or change it for Kizer Level 2 at some point (plenty of time until I’ll be able to make use of that royale groove – have to learn this properly on aggressive blades first!). Additional weight doesn’t bother me, I noticed the change, but skates do not feel bulky. I decided to leave inside plates too, as they did not come in the way when I was skating.

As for my old skates… originally wanted to convert my Fusions to aggressive blades. This may seem ridiculous – but I can’t do it, I am too attached to them! These blades were my companions for almost two years, and I love every bit of them. The light weight of whole setup. Sifika liners that are in poor shape by now, but are still comfortable. Numerous mods I’ve applied. Rigid, 255mm frame. They are still great freeskates that fit my feet damn good, and skating them is fun. So I cleaned them up a bit (maybe I’ll spend some time with sand paper, working on the shell), washed liners, put new laces on…


Now I have to spend money on third pair of skates, because I’m determined to start aggressive skating this year!

And yes, they probably will be Solos too – already have full frame set so I’ll hunt for good deal on boot only!


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