Bake Frames are awesome, and some people are stupid

So as you may know, Bake Frames released edit with people actually grinding their ABS prototypes, in a response to a rather cold feedback from aggressive community. People demanded to see someone grinding on these, and Bake Frames delivered.

That weren’t enough. Clearly, for some people if it isn’t edit of PRO bladers skating antirocker frames, it is pure trash.

Guys who founded Bake Frames aren’t pro-bladers. They are passionate about blading and have guts to start something new, and made unique product that fill the gap between 56mm flat aggressive frame and 76mm flat Kizer Level 2. And they plan to make 60mm flat frame in the future.

And people hate on this. They would rather see another generic antirocker frame it seems. This is sad truth about blading – when some relatively unknown dudes are trying to do something innovative, they are not supported, they are insulted and hated. But when some PROs are introducing yet another standard, or sub-standard product, people are all crazy about it. Recent example are Youth frames – are they innovative? No, they are pretty much generic antirocker frames, nothing really new. But they are hyped to hell because they are project of Haffey, Farmer and Julio. This is rotten and destructive way of looking at things in blading.

I hope Bake Frames will succeed and give bladers who haven’t forgot what this sport is about (hint: it have something to do with idea of having fun) some awesome frames to skate. Keep up the good work guys.


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