Look at: Blank frames

I got my hands on fresh pair of Solo Estilo RG2 lately. While I intend to use boot with powerblading frame, Blanks frames certainly caught my attention.

2012-12-15 21.43.57

Blank is a Rollerblade sub-brand much like Kizer is one to Powerslide. Tom Hyser is running Blank project, and so far frames and liners has been released (I’ll make post about Blank liners some time in the future – as for now I’ll only say they are awesome and worlds apart from other stock RB liners).

I’ll give Blanks a go when weather will let me. I actually plan to convert my old pair of Fusions to proper aggressive skates, and see how they skate then. For now – some technical specs and photos (sorry for quality, I took them with my phone, battery in my camera is malfunctioning).

Blank frames are made in three sizes – I got size 2, 260mm long. Be aware that it’s length between centre of outside axles, so it’s a length of wheelbase, not length of a frame walls.

2012-12-15 21.43.06

Pictures do not do them justice, and frames look very simple on them, but trust me – they aren’t. Walls are shaped to slide better, but while most companies use more angular designs, Blank frames lines are very smooth.

Manufacturer used axles with triangular shape of the head on one side, just like in older TRS frames – thanks to it you only need one allen key to tighten axles. Frames do not have plastic tabs to separate wheels from walls – metal spacers are used.

2012-12-15 21.36.08

2012-12-15 21.45.28

Blank frames are clearly made with antirocker setup in mind. While they do fit 4x60mm setup, it’s not very good idea to skate them like that – groove is too deep, and risk of wheel bite is high. Using 4x56mm setup might be a better idea if you want to ride them flat, but whole shape of these frames screams “atirocker!” and indeed, stock setup should work best with these.

2012-12-15 21.52.46

2012-12-15 21.46.40

As for weight, they are not particularly heavy. Of course, if you’ve been riding Slimlines, you will feel added weight. That’s all – for now. Can’t wait to skate these – but weather is horrible and indoor options are very limited here…

Thanks to Jakub “Zico” Ciesielski and his shop zicoracing.com for frames (and skates, and wheels, and bearings – I’ll describe all this stuff later). This post will also be available in Polish on wrotkarstwo.pl, soon.


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