USD Realm PB

Some not so-breaking news: Powerslide decided to do something with their less loved child (ah, maybe that’s because it’s adopted?!) – Realms. Ad thus, Realms PB were born.

Realm PB

Well, Realms always had their share of problems. First and most obvious one was too soft cuff, that get softer after a period of time. It was one piece, and not replaceable – yes, some people did mods and put other skates cuffs on Realms (Throne ones work well) but most of owners didn’t bother and simply moved on to next skates. Realm liners are known for their a little too basic and uncomfortable shape. Many people did get ridiculous amount of heel lift in these. Soulplates are very thin and do not last long.

Realm PB addressed these issues, finally. Skates will come with much better liners, and have CIV cuff put on, and also a CIII PB style instep buckle. This creates kind of hybrid skate put together from re-used parts, but also a skate superior in function.

Only thing that bothers me, where these fit in? How much will they cost? I mean, USD VII proved to be great cheap boot, and also good base for PB setups – and no doubt changes in Realm design will make them closer cost-wise to VIIs. Will awkward sizing of Realms will be fixed in this edition? Will cuff change provide support much needed for powerblading?



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