Rollerblade – pull yourself together!

Have you seen David’s Sizemore WRS Uploaded entry? If no, then you should watch it right away. If you seen it, watch it again, because it is that awesome:

This edit is not only better than any of last year WRSU edition entries, this edit is better than most, if not all, edits I’ve seen this year. When you compare what “superstars” – Demetrios George and Montre Livingston send as entries, to a David’s edit, you’ll see he clearly is one of most underrated rollerbladers in the history.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – David Sizemore should be a front-man of Rollerblade. There should be more edits of him skating released. He should take spot of top pro in their team, with all respect to Robert, who still skate amazingly, but is not getting younger. David should have pro-skate at least two years ago. After this edit, I can’t imagine he won’t be getting one. But for 2013 it will be RG3 – Rollerblade do not have a habit of releasing new skates in a middle of a year, sticks to outdated “collection” formula. If it’s only one pro-skate next year, it should not be Solo Estilo RG3 – it should be Solo Estilo DS1. With TRS cuff, if that’s how David likes them.

I’m kind of Rollerblade fanboy, but I would say this – IF THEY WON”T RECOGNIZE HIS TALENT, HE SHOULD SAY GOODBYE. And switch to a company that will actually recognize and honour a rollerblading superstar he is!


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