So it has begun…

Year 2012 can be considered a major breakthrough for rollerblading. There is a lot of negativity, and people are saying that blading is dead – but in times of crisis, things evolve rapidly. In 2011 you wouldn’t even think that out of sudden big wheeled setups will return, or new boot companies that use handmade manufacturing will pop up.

Now, new player prepares to enter the market: Bake Frames.

It seems they can be “Adapt of frame companies” – they utilize new tech to make modular frames without outsorcing production to China factories… And they are now testing the 72mm flat frame, with intentions to design a 60mm flat one. So you can say they want to fill the gap between standard aggressive frames, and powerblading ones. Good thing!

I do not know exactly what tech they are using exactly, but as CNC machining and 3D printing become more and more accessible, I think we can expect more small frame manufacturers in the future. Hell… few years from now on, when 3D printers technology will develop further and these machines will become cheaper, I expect that people will start to design and make their own frames and other parts in their houses. General Public License frames? Why not?

These are exciting times for rollerblading! So many great ideas seen a daylight, in a industry that was locked in plastic boot-anitorcker58mm setups routine a few years ago, I can’t wait for summer 2013 to see new stuff that will undoubtedly come.


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