USD Jordans

If you weren’t cut off the internet for last few months, you probably already seen USD Carbon III Franky Morales pro-model. For the record, that’s how they look like:

Pro model of course should looks how pro who it is named after wants it to look like. But don’t be ridiculous! There are limits to what company should agree on. And I’m not talking about looks of these – I personally find these incredibly ugly, but I’ve never been in to this whole sneaker craze – I’m talking about stealing other company design, and designer intellectual property.
Because these skates are rip-off from Jordan Spizike shoes. Take a look:

Of course, there were cases of copying shoe design in rollerblading before (for example, white USD Carbon Kelso were modeled after shoe too) but never they were so shameless. Sure, Powerslide avoided copying details 1:1, so they PROBABLY won’t get a lawsuit (but imo, if Nike would care, they could sue them and probably would win). But that doesn’t change the fact, they stole design made by someone else. If your own designers can’t come up with something original, fire them and hire better ones. If your pro-skater wants you to copy a well-known shoe design for his pro-boot, you should say no… let him make it all pink if he likes, but do not agree on plagiarism. Especially so obvious one. Because you can’t say these Carbons are “inspired” by Jordans, these Carbons are in the same league as fake Chinese Jordans.

With all respect to Franky Morales and USD/Powerslide, they went too far with this one. This boot should never see a daylight. Rollerblading won’t go anywhere, if biggest companies in this industry will do things like that.

And 310 Euros for a boot only? Really, when Adapts Harmanus One cost 350 Euros (with VAT) and Vegans 280 Euros?

I don’t care these are pro boots of a OG skater. These deserve to gather dust in warehouses, nothing more, not because these are bad skates – after all, they are still the same proven design – but because of what they represent. And they represent laziness in designing a product, and lack of professionalism in this industry. It would be better if these would never came out.



  1. pastokarvelis

    What if they cooperated with Nike and got their premissions? Do You realy know if Powerslide stole that design?

    • kmhciura

      If they would cooperate with Nike, they would name them USD Carbon Jordan Spizike and note it is cooperation with Nike. As I said – Powerslide did this before with first Carbons and some Deshi skates, copied shoe designs and do not pay any royalties. Of course, there is small chance that they actually did it right way – but it would be extremely stupid for them to hide fact they get in cooperation with Nike! Don’t you think?

  2. Janek

    Not necessarily they probably only bought the rights to the look and not for the name. If they would be named USD Carbon Jordan Spizike they would cost 600 euros and not 300 and i dont supouse any normal blader would buy them then.

    • kmhciura

      Still not buying that as explanation. If they were to buy rights to use the looks, why would they change little details to avoid getting too close to original? And do you think any of RUN-DMC guys get profit from their latest RUN USD Throne skates? :)

  3. pastokarvelis

    That is not a proof. It’s just Your imagination. They may stole but maybe not. I don’t know, so do You. Sometimes I like to read Your blog, but such writings make this blog look silly.

  4. sir wax a lot

    Are you kidding me? You think skate videos pay royalties to musicians? I think a couple did, in the history of rollerblading. I think way back in the early days 311 gave permission for use because they found popularity from them. Only times I can think of when music was used legally for skate videos.

    When we skate street; wax curbs and grind handrails, we are committing destruction of private property.

    “Aggressive” skating has, since it’s inception, been outside the law in some form or fashion. Just sayin’

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