Standard Skate Manufacturing

So maybe you’ve heard already, Joey Chase gets a pro-boot from SSM.

Good thing for him. His skating is great and he deserved pro model, no doubt.

I was always sceptical towards SSM. It’s simple, I am not the kind of a guy who can be bought with looks and/or team and media. It is most important to me what lies beneath this coat of paint – aka real (not – marketed) quality, technical specs, and how skates feel.

While I understand there are people who are willing to support SSM simply because their favourite riders skate these, I can’t feel anything but sorry for them. This company is lacking direction.

Joey Chase boot looks like Marc Moreno one, wrapped in skin form Jon Bolino one. Or scratch that, it looks like Marc Moreno one, if you would remove white and red stripes and painted eyelets white. Sure, sewing is a bit different. But that’s just another black skinned skate from SSM. Third in a row.

Thing is, since its conception, SSM hadn’t released any “standard” or team skate. All of their skates are pro-models, that barely differ from each other, and are almost the same skate every time. Only major changes are frames, and for people who buy these skates as boot only, that makes no difference.

Look at other companies pro-models. Almost all of these are somewhat unique. But SSM? The same skates, under slightly different black skins. And what is the point of making pro-skates, when there is no team version of the skate? Yeah, there are rumours about Bloodline version of SSM, with red skin, but tell me any reason why they couldn’t be pro-model for Oli Short or Fish, when all pro-models to this day are the same skate, reskinned? “Pro-model” completely lost its meaning in this case.

SSM pro-models should be called pro-skins. Because that is extremely lazy approach to make a skate, basically the same thing that Remz did with last Franky Morales OS model (woohoo – few purple parts and ugly printed graphics on the back – pro-model!) or Nick Wood “Limited Edition” OS.

So far – most boring skate company of them all. Standard Skates Manufacturing.


One comment

  1. Michael

    You’re 100% right! Unfortunately, these days people will call you a hater because of that article. But it’s just a negative opinion which should be heard by SSM, but seems that they don’t care. Their videos are blocked from embedding and comments on Vimeo are disabled. If SSM was a country it will be North Korea

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