Show time: 912 Crew production – Rollerbledar

Welcome to first ever edition of “Że co, przepraszam?!” Show time!

This series will be dedicated to freeskate/powerblading/aggressive videos that are inspiring from my point of view, and truly worth watching. It’s good to start with something less known to general public. Recently a skater from land of France – Rudy Baran (big thanks to him!!!) – send me a link to videos from “912 productions – Rollerbledar” movie. It is a film portraying skating of what you can call elite of French freeskaters. And what is more – it is a bit TOO underexposed and unknown material, because you won’t find it easily on youtube. Videos are uploaded on Dailymotion. Quality is low, but remember that was filmed in 2007, when people haven’t GoPro cameras or DSLRs with HD capabilities. Unfortunately, Dailymotion embeed code do not work with wordpress blogs, and no matter how I try, I can’t get it to work. So I posted only links to parts instead.

You are able to see skating of less known freeskaters, but also of a now faomus Greg Mirzoyan who does some parkour-style tricks. These videos introduced me to skating of Francisco Patrick aka “Patou” – my god, guy knows how to jump. Relax, and watch!

Trailer I:

Trailer II (unofficial):


“Friends” clip part I:

“Friends” clip part II:


Greg Mirzoyan section:

Jeroime section -no idea of his surname, but I have to say, this one is my favourite!:

Francisco Patrick “Patou” section:

Sebastien Bouchere section:

Yanik section:

Yanik section remix:

Ootini ad (actually I have no idea what Ootini is :) ):

SEBA ad (rather humorous one!!!):


Don’t know about you, but after watching this, only one thing is on my mind:

F@#% WINTER!!!

I want summer, I want to blade, and I want it now! ;)


This post is also available in Polish on :



  1. OhPurée

    Haha, the word play is well found. Rollerblader and bledar which mean from the bled (argot). Cool videos.

  2. yanik

    What a pleasant report it reminds me so much good times with my friends I’m actually chilling on the web with Mr Ben Brillante and I’m so happy to see people still interested on what is for me rollerblading or whatever people call it now.
    (912 prod never really exist but 912 crew is existing in the heart of it’s boys….!)
    Best regards

    • kmhciura

      Thanks for comment! So awesome to hear from you!

      And people still call it rollerblading, just different styles have different names :)

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