Roces wants a slice of powerblading cake

For some time we heard rumours that Roces is making their own pb skate. I had hard time imagining how it would look like, as Roces basically haven’t developed any new aggressive boot in years, not to mention their freeskates, which are direct follow-up to models introduced in late nineties (for example, newest Roces Metropolis is only a slightly upgraded Roces ASP skate).

I was worried that they’ll simply put generic UFS frame on M12 UFS and call it a day. And… I was right. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m introducing you “new” Roces Majestic 13 skate:

As you can see, that’s exactly the same boot as existing M12 UFs. Other technical specs:

-Aluminium frame

-80mm 84A wheels

-ABEC 5 bearings

Price: 249 Euro

So… modern version of Roces Lowrider then?

What you can learn from this picture, is fact that for some Reason Roces opted (again) to use double-piece 6mm axles with counter-piece locking itself in a frame. Seriously, who does that in present day?? 6mm axles should be forgotten in freeskating by now.
As for powerblading-ness of this setup, it’s pretty similar to Fusion 84 freeskate. Aluminum frames are bad for grinding street obstacles, always were and always will.

For the record, as you can see, loop to carry skates is similar to the one in SSM skates now.
And now, lets talk about price of these skates.

For 249 Euro (or less) you can get: (I only searched Nomadeshop and Grindhouse sites)

Seba FR2 with soulkit

Xsjado Skeleton PB

USD Imperial PB setup

Razors Cult PB setup

and many more including … complete Roces M12 UFS with powerblading frameset.

I think somebody at the Roces had lost his mind :)


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