I quit.

So I finally made this decision. I quit freeskatenews project. It wasn’t pleasant, or easy, but rather bitter choice to make. I was associated one way or another with it from the very beginning. I wanted this site to progress and made it international hub of all things freeskating related. I’ve defended it when people (some of which, now act like they are supporters) were spitting all over it on facebook. I’ve decided to keep my, sometimes controversial, opinions to myself, and cut sometimes too straightforward writing, when it created tension between site staff and some of people involved in skating industry. I proposed making EN portion of site and volunteered to make translations and corrections of other editors texts.

Thing is, I had enough. It’s not fun any more. All changes I ever proposed about site visual side were rejected, because obviously I don’t know a thing about aesthetics, because I don’t have academy of fine arts diploma. When I convinced a friend to help with technical side of portal, for free, his help was rejected, even though current technical admin doesn’t give a damn about project, and hasn’t made any improvements in a year. There is no EN GUI to choose, so people who read article on site have hard time registering. Half of categories on main page don’t work. There is no facebook, twitter or google+ integration. Site is not optimized for mobile devices. Functionality is very basic and archaic. It all pisses me off even more because there was possibility to get help from someone who knows a thing or two about coding. Freeskatenews could be much better by now. It should be much better by now.

I’ve put many hours in to this project, 100% voluntary. I gained no profit from my work. And that was fine, as long as it was fun, and general atmosphere was good and friendly. Not everything you do in life must bring you any profits, right? I write and skate, and draw, because I simply love doing these things, and this is my form of escapism from everyday bullshit.

Thing is, when you are helping someone for free, you don’t want them to act like your boss. You don’t want to be criticized for things you do, when you are doing nothing wrong. You don’t want your advices and corrections to be treated like an attack, when you have good intentions. You don’t want to hear how you piss off other guy, when you only want to help. You don’t want to be accused of acting like an alpha male, when you just use and share your knowledge. You don’t want to be accused of creating a blog as and opposition to site you spend more than a year working on, when you created it only for yourself, not against someone, or as alternative to anything. You don’t want any suggestions that you wrote a favorable article about new line of skates, because you want a free pair, or that your activity on powerblading group is caused by hope to hook up on some free gear from any of companies involved in pb/freeskating. You don’t want to hear questions about how “business talk” go with a guy from skateshop when you simply went to drink a few beers with people after skating event and barely spoke with the guy. You don’t want to hear tall talk about what “boss” got from sponsors, and what he’ll get. And you especially don’t want any of this trash when you are doing everything for free, and there is only one person that have any profits from site activity, and it’s the same person that accuses you of doing everything out of self-interest.

Because ALL I ever got for all things I did, was pair of skates from a guy that I wrote articles for, before FSKnews even started, and recently, eight slalom wheels from Scooby, who was so kind to send me some as he received a bucked of them from Roll Line. And one fsk news T-Shirt and a few stickers. So yeah, as you can clearly see I’ve made a fucking fortune on my writing and I ride two year old pair of skates simply because I’ve put all these setups I got from skating companies and skateshops behind glass cover, like a damn trophies.

So it simply weren’t fun any more. It became a chore. I realized I don’t need any of this, and I do not need fsknews in the state it is. It isn’t easy, as there were times when I was truly happy to be part of this project, and really seen the point of it. Right now – not so much. Right now I’m so sick of it all, I don’t even want to open this site in my web browser.

Best luck for everyone who still work on the site, and any people who will became involved in the future. Thanks for good and bad times together freeskatenews. Farewell.



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