Roll Line SKIL Extrema initial impressions

We have beautiful autumn here in Poland. So beautiful, that skating became my main distraction from important things I should do. From things I should do ASAP. Practically every time I put skates on and I tell myself: “just an hour or two…” I end up returning home after midnight.

Nights are cold, in opposition to days, and recently very foggy. Moisture quickly settles down on asphalt and concrete, especially in areas of the city where plenty of trees grow.

When I’ve put in my frames Roll Line SKIL Extrema wheels that Scooby sent me, I thought: “well, they are of hardness 80A, maybe they’ll give better grip on wet?”. Boy, I was so wrong haha! They slip just like any other wheel. But let me tell you more about these.

I don’t know who designed these wheels cores, but that person totally nailed it! Sure, it’s a bit tricky to get bearings inside these, but cores themselves hold them very tightly, and what is more, are really stiff. Thanks to it, these wheels create very solid feeling when skating, because there is barely any bending of the cores.

I got 80A 76mm wheels – these are intended as slalom wheel, and have slim, elliptical profile. Scooby sent me these because he didn’t exactly know what to do with them, and my Hypers look more like aggressive wheels right now… so what I had to lose?

I must say I’m pretty light for my height (185cm and 71kg right now and no, I won’t eat more). Hardness 80A is soft, almost too soft for freeskating in most wheel models. But I must say, I didn’t felt them to be that soft. Maybe because of stiff, strong core, but they felt harder and less flexible than 84mm 84A Rollerblade wheels. They do not feel slow, thanks to slim profile. For a 80A, 76mm wheels, they are actually pretty fast! After few hours of skating, a bit of wear is visible, but it’s not bad for such low hardness.

Cornering with these is hell of a fun, as they provide awesome grip on dry surfaces, and I could make turns I wouldn’t been able to using Hyper Concretes. It’s hard to describe this feeling, but skates do feel more swift and precise. Hey, they should. These are slalom wheels after all. Wheels didn’t met my expectations about grip on wet surfaces, but that’s not an issue, as nobody market them as “wet wheels”. It’s just that when you think of soft wheels with hell of a grip, you expect them to give you more confidence in wet conditions… and they don’t haha.

I think this particular hardness is dedicated towards slaloms skaters that skate on smooth concrete/indoors. Harder types (83A and 86A) should be good outdoor fsk wheel and I would want to try them in the future. But for now, let’s see how these will do. Right now I’m much more optimistic than after un-boxing them. I thought these will be slow and will shrink in a blink of the eye, but it turned out these are actually of decent characteristics and it’s fun to skate them. I’ll write a full review about a month from now on.


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